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Burtuo - NOV 01 2021

Thoroughly understand the real life of the elder

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The incontinence, bedsore, limitted mobility, you will know more about it

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The incontience

Stroke/favoritism can lead to weaker control of the patient's body and therefore more likely to cause incontinence.This recovery process will take time, during which time it will be necessary to prepare for the occurrence of incontinence. The skin-friendly sheet is in contact with the skin, the Pad is placed under the sheet, and the Mattress protector is used to protect the mattress...

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There are three external factors that cause bedsores: friction, moisture, and stretching. Therefore, if you want to control the probability of bedsores, you need to start with the bedding that you touch.The surface of bedding designed for bedsores must be silky smooth and have good air permeability. Such products can reduce skin friction, reduce the incidence of bedsores or reduce the torture of bedsores on elders

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Limited Mobility

Stroke/partiality patients live very well as caregivers. For elders who are unable to move freely, care worker often need to help the patient turn over, take a bath, and perform rehabilitation training when they are nursing. But these activities will require the use of assistive devices to perform better, such as Protective belts, bathing waterproof clothes...

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