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The exclusive bedding is a boon for bedsore

The exclusive bedding is a boon for bedsore

The Exclusive Bedding also has a positive effect on bedsores and relieves the pain of patients with bedsores. Patients suffering from bedsores suffer from not only physical pain, but also psychological pain. But this status quo can be improved as much as possible.

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According to data, the incidence of bedsores is mainly affected by friction, pressure, skin stretch (Shear), humid environment and nutrition. Among them, friction, pressure and humid environment are related to the bedding. Good bedding can provide low friction, easy to move, moisture absorption and breathability, so bedding can be helpful to patients with bedsores.

For friction:

Bedsore patients move on non-smooth bedding for a long time, friction is inevitable, and friction has a negative impact on bedsore. If you can choose a slip draw sheet for bedsore with a smooth surface, then in actual use, it will Reducing the friction between patients with bedsores and bedding has a positive effect on the early stage of patients with bedsores.

The smooth bedding is generally made of satin, high-density material, and special craftsmanship so that there is no extra quilting on the surface of the slip draw sheet for bedsore. The material is smooth and the surface is smooth, which reduces the friction between the bedding and the patients' skin.

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For stress:

One of the important reasons for patients with bedsores is bed rest for a long time, which leads to long-term stress on parts of the body (Ankles, Elbows, Heels, Hips, Shoulder blades, Spine, Tailbone, Toes), which leads to skin fragility, plus the inevitable The friction factor makes patients more susceptible to bedsores.

Therefore, in order to prevent bedsores well, the bedridden patients will be moved to relieve the impact of pressure on body parts. But for bedridden patients, moving the body is not an easy task. Tools such as draw sheet transfer for the elder and transfer safety lift belt will be used, which can reduce the pressure during the movement and ensure the convenience of movement, which has a positive impact on bedsores.

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For humid environments:

A humid environment will make the skin fragile, and bedridden patients are prone to incontinence due to long-term bed rest or weakened control of their body, causing the environment to become humid, which is detrimental to patients with bedsores.

Generally, bedding products with good water absorption and air permeability are used as auxiliary tools, such as the high absorption incontinence pads, which can absorb liquid well and keep the body of patients with bedsore dry. In addition, the general incontinence pad is waterproof and easy to clean. Protect the mattress and facilitate cleaning by the caregiver.

If you need more secure bedding protection, you can also use a high absorption incontinence pads to protect the mattress so that leaked liquid cannot enter the mattress.

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Choosing the right bedding can indeed have a positive effect on bedsores. The use of bedding with a smooth surface can reduce friction. The selection of convenient mobile bedding is conducive to movement and pressure.

The use of bedding with good water absorption and water resistance can make the bed more comfortable. The environment is drier and protects the mattress.

Choose a good bedding for your favorite person!