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Protective Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion To Protect Bedsores

Protective Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion To Protect Bedsores

One of the important reasons for bedsores is the prolonged pressure, which can cushion the pressure to reduce the probability of bedsores. Here you can use padding products to protect your parts that are prone to bedsores. These products include Heel protector for bedsore, Ankle Cushion for Bed Sore, Bedridden Patient Turning pillow, Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion. Keep bedridden elder away from bedsores and get better protection


Which parts are more prone to bedsores

Due to the inconvenient movement characteristics of bedridden patients, several parts of the body are very prone to bed sores, such as heels, hips, back, elbows, etc. Not moving causes these parts to be under pressure for a long time, so it is necessary to cushion the pressure, so it is necessary to use corresponding padding products for cushioning, such as Heel protector for bedsore, Ankle Cushion for Bed Sore, Bedridden Patient Turning pillow, Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion.


Foot pressure cushioning

Although the total pressure on the heel at the end of the body is not large, the area of ​​the heel is small, so the pressure per unit area can also cause bedsores. In addition, because the heel will always be under stress when lying in bed, it is also easy to cause bedsores. Heel bedsores can be relieved by padding products. There are two products to choose from, Heel protector for bedsore and Ankle Cushion for Bed Sore. The Heel protector for bedsore can wrap the entire foot well, and the thick padding has good cushioning and warmth, which is suitable for elders who are unable to move in cold winters. The Ankle Cushion for Bed Sore is worn on the ankle, which can greatly reduce the heel pressure, or even no pressure. The height of the heel can be used to restore and relieve the incidence of bedsores, not only the ankle, but also the wrist. Also applies

 Heel protector for bedsore

Crotch pressure cushioning

Because the legs have fewer support points, they are less affected by bedsores, while the buttocks are more affected by bedsores because they bear the main weight of the body. The relief of bedsores of the two can be accomplished by knee pillows. The Bedridden Patient Turning pillow can lift up the legs and disperse the pressure in other parts of the body, making the pressure less. Secondly, the knee pillows can assist the nurse to help the elder turn the body, so that the bedsores can be fixed to the buttocks. The pressure on the site is reduced.


Bedridden Patient Turning pillow

In addition, some elders can sit and stand for basic daily life. Please prepare a tailbone Pain Relief Cushion for him to relieve the pressure on the buttocks when sitting up. Otherwise, directly touching the normal padding or bedding with the buttocks will increase the probability of bedsores. Or worsen bedsores.


Bed sores on the back:

The back bears the main body pressure, which is the area with high incidence of bedsores. For this part of the pressure buffer, you can use a soft side pillow and a bedridden Patient Turning pillow that is convenient for the nurse to turn over. When a bed sore patient is sleeping on his side, he can use a side pillow to support his back to relieve the excessive pressure on one side of the body; secondly, another way to relieve the pressure on the back can be solved by sitting or standing up or turning over. Here you will Use padding such as tailbone pain relief cushion and bedridden Patient Turning pillow, which will help you.

Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion

Therefore, the use of these targeted bedsore auxiliary padding can have a good effect on the prevention and rehabilitation of bedsore patients.