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How to use the slip draw sheet for elder transfer

How to use the slip draw sheet for elder transfer

【Pulling a patient up in bed】

Moving a patient in bed with slip draw sheet for elder transfer

slip draw sheet for elder transfer

Avoiding Injury

The correct way to move or lift someone on the bed is to avoid injuring the patient's shoulders and skin. Using the correct method will also help protect your back.

At least 2 people are required to safely lift the patient from the bed.

Friction from friction can scratch or tear a person's skin. Common areas at risk of friction are the shoulders, back, buttocks, elbows, and heels.

Never move the patient by grabbing under their arms and pulling on them. This could hurt their shoulders.

【Preparing to Move the Patient】

A slip draw sheet for elder transfer is the best way to prevent friction. If you do not have one, you can make a draw sheet out of a bed sheet folded in half. Follow these steps to prepare the patient:

  • - Tell the patient what you are doing.
  • - If possible, raise the bed to a level to reduce stress on the back.
  • - Make the bed level.
  • - Roll the patient to one side and place a half roll of a skateboard sheet or tissue against the patient's back.
  • - Roll the patient onto the sheet, laying the sheet flat under the person.
  • - Make sure your head, shoulders and hips are on the sheet

【Pulling up】

The goal is to pull the patient toward the head of the bed, not lift it. The two people moving the patient should stand on either side of the bed. To pull up the patient, both should.

  • - At the bedside closest to you, grasp the patient's upper back and buttocks with a slip draw sheet for bedsore.
  • - Put one foot in front when preparing to move the patient. Put your weight on your back legs.
  • - On the count of three, move your patient by shifting your weight to your front legs and pulling the sheet towards the head of the bed.
  • - You may need to do this more than once to get the patient in the correct position.

If using a slip draw sheet for bedsore, be sure to remove it when done.

If the patient can help you, ask the patient to:

  • Bring the chin up to the chest and bend the knees. The patient's heels should remain on the bed.
  • Have the patient push with the heels while you pull up.

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