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You only need to look at the waterproof incontinence mattress protector, compare their features

You only need to look at the waterproof incontinence mattress protector, compare their features

You only need to look at the waterproof incontinence mattress protector, compare their features, and choose the products that you think are right for you. Unfortunately, this is not easy.Choosing the right changing pad should be a simple and straightforward task, right? 

waterproof incontinence mattress protector

Incontinence pads are not that simple. They come in many different varieties, and they are often described in unfamiliar terms, which can be misleading. Companies also use different vocabulary to describe similar products, making comparisons more difficult.

Compare incontinence pads

But don't worry. This guide will help you eliminate the confusion and find the most important thing: find the right changing pad for you. We put together some important tips to help you understand the true meaning of those words on the packaging and how to know if it is the right product for you.

Generally speaking, waterproof incontinence mattress protector are made of soft absorbent fabrics filled with absorbent polymers. When urine comes in contact with the polymer, it will be retained, thereby keeping the skin clean and dry. The back of the urine pad is composed of a waterproof layer to prevent urine from passing through.


One thing that is confusing is the absorptive capacity of incontinence pads. When shopping for products, you may see words such as "super absorbent", "maximum" or "ultimate" on the packaging. But this does not mean that the pad can handle moderate or large amounts of urine.

Regardless of the description, the high absorbption incontinence pads (bladder control pad) can only handle mild urine leakage. Mild urine leakage is characterized by urine dripping or moderate to severe dripping. If you experience a leakage that is more serious than a few drops, there are other types of urinary incontinence products that are more suitable for treatment.

The following is the absorption rate range of incontinence pads in this guide. Please note that this range only represents varying degrees of mild leakage, not heavier types of leakage.

Size guide

When choosing the right size of the changing pad, it is easy to be overwhelmed by various descriptors: ordinary, moderate, super long, classic, and normal. How do you know which size is correct?

The first thing to understand is that each manufacturer's changing pad size is different. Some brands use their own terms to refer to their size.

For example, a company may use the term "petite" to describe its small size. Other brands use the traditional "small", "medium" and "large", but just like clothing, these sizes may vary slightly from company to company. The medium size of one brand may be longer or shorter than the medium size of another brand.

Pick your size

There are two ways to choose the correct size. The first is to focus on the actual pad length. Almost all changing pads are measured in inches, and most manufacturers indicate these dimensions on the packaging. Using the actual length of the changing pad will help you understand the exact size of the changing pad, no matter what the company calls it.

Another option is based on hip and waist size. The size of some changing pads is based on waist circumference (just like when you buy pants). For these changing pads, please choose a product that fits your waist size.

Common brand terms and their meanings

Although companies use different vocabulary to describe size and water absorption, there are some common terms you may see in various brands.

Styles of incontinence pads

Not only is the size of the cushion difficult to choose, but the style is also the same. There are many different types of high absorbption incontinence pads: thin, light, etc. Here are some of the most common incontinence pad styles you will see.

high absorbption incontinence pads


As the name suggests, the rectangular changing pad has a rectangular shape. Compared with other changing pads, they tend to be less bulky, but they do not adapt to the body curve very well. For this reason, they are best used for lighter leaks.


Shaped changing pads are the most common type of changing pads. Its shape is consistent with the contours of the body, providing comfort and protection. Although they are more bulky than rectangular changing pads, they provide more protection than rectangular changing pads.

Long type

When a long changing pad is used, it usually follows another term (medium long, ultimate long, etc.). "Long type" means that the pad is longer than the normal type, but has the same absorption capacity. Generally speaking, the long changing pad is 1-3 inches longer than the regular version.

Male protective cover

Men's pads are incontinence pads specially designed for men. Its unique shape can meet the anatomical needs of men, while also providing leakage protection. Just like ordinary diapers, men's pads also have different sizes and absorbency.


The aroma and odor reduction pads are designed to help resolve unwanted odors that may be caused by urinary incontinence. The role of the fragrance pad is to release perfume when urine comes in contact with the polymer (similar to a household deodorant spray). The material of the odor reducing pad prevents the generation of particles that cause odors.

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